THE company

Verizon Wireless is a U.S. based telecommunications company.

Problem Summary

Verizon Wireless needed an updated, responsive newsroom to feature all of their press releases and content. Their previous solution did not work well on mobile or highlight the content they generated.


I was brought in to work with the content team, creative director, visual designers, and development team to help deliver a brand new, responsive newsroom experience.

Some initial sketches of different pages in the new newsroom.


I started by meeting with the content team at Verizon to get a sense of their needs. It became clear that they typically generate 6-8 different types of stories and wanted layouts to compliment each of those story types. After that I did an inventory of the current content on the site to get a sense of what already existed and how it was formatted. I then worked up a quick site map so I could visualize where everything on the site lived and assess whether a new information architecture was merited. I completed a competitive analysis of other wireless carrier's newsrooms. I also gathered some inspiration from tech blogs that also covered Verizon's products. I then set to work on an initial set of wireframes for both web and mobile. After a few rounds of iteration, I had a final set of wireframes. I then wrote detailed specifications.

The initial sitemap I developed. We ended up combining the Regional News, Quick Links, Languages, and More Verizon into one menu after visualizing where all the content lived and determining what deserved to stay in the primary navigation.