THE company

Scholastic is a well-known company with a unique offline flyer to online e-commerce business. They have a handful of different types of users, including parents, students, and teachers.  

Problem Summary

When I first started at Scholastic, I observed some usability testing that was being conducted on teachers. Teachers are the lifeblood of their business, as it's their responsibility to implement and administer their Reading Club for parents and students. It became very clear through testing that teachers were having significant challenges finding and executing their most common tasks. 


I was tasked with designing a new dashboard to help teachers administer the Reading Club more efficiently.

Solution SUMMARY

I started by breaking down all of the potential tasks a teacher faced in administering their Reading Club. I then ranked those by what I thought would be the most important. I then shared those tasks and rankings with teachers within the community to get their feedback on my assumptions. Based on their feedback, I updated the list of most important tasks, and used that information to inform my design decisions. I wireframed a few different potential solutions to an updated dashboard and shared those with a handful of our closest trusted teachers. Once we'd selected a direction, I created a set of fully fleshed-out wireframes. I took those wireframes and created a clickable online prototype using InVision. I then employed a recruiter to find 6 teachers that I could usability test the prototype with. I tested 6 users using the clickable InVision prototype and GoToMeeting so I could see their screen and observe how they interacted with the prototype. Based on that research, I further refined my design and collaborated with a visual designer to get the final design that the team built.