THE company

nLytics was a social media marketing analytics tool that allowed users to keep track of their social media analytics and collaborate with their team on insights into that data. 

Problem Summary

When I started with nLytics they had 2 mockups and a bunch of ideas. After I was finished they had a fully working beta.


This was a brand new product that was born out of a growing need within the agency I worked for. We needed to create detailed charts for our clients and we needed a place to get everyone on the same page so they could ask questions and we could provide insight.

Some of the personas I created for users of nLytics.


After interviewing some potential users as well as some fellow agency employees, I started working on a set of personas so the entire team could be on the same page about who we were building the product for. After that I documented a large number of user stories and asked the team to prioritize which would be the most important. Once we'd decided on an MVP, I started working on user flows. After the user flows were developed, I began work on the wireframes. Once the development team had implemented my designs, I began onboarding new users and conducting usability tests to improve the product based on their feedback. 


Some of the initial user flows I designed.

The initial sitemap for nLytics.

Sketches of potential new user onboarding interactions.

Sketches of potential new user onboarding UI.